Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Japanese World War II propaganda booklets

The image below is the cover of a Japanese propaganda booklet, titled Manifesto for Greater East Asian Co-Operation. The booklet targeted a younger audience and claimed how the west's military might "have done all these bad things to us." The original images were published by from
These pages, found in another booklet, were obviously meant to discourage American soldiers. Click the images for the large versions.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Bataan Death March documentary

Newsround: Bataan Death March

CINCINNATI -- Broadcaster Marty Brennaman apologized on the air for comparing to the Cincinnati Reds' upcoming road trip to the Bataan Death March.


Thousands of captured U.S. and Filipino soldiers were forced to walk 70 miles to a concentration camp during World War II, many dying along the way. A radio listener in New Mexico heard Brennaman's remark about Bataan and sent the Reds an e-mail objecting to the comparison.
A family photograph gave one Sandpoint man the will to survive the Bataan Death March. Herb Johnson was 24 when he joined the Army Air Corps in 1939.

He was stationed in the Philippines in October 1941 when the Japanese bombed Clark Field, including the soldiers' quarters.

The photograph of Johnson's family taken by Sandpoint photographer Ross Hall was salvaged from the debris, according to a note written by Johnson that his son Gary recently rediscovered
One of New Mexico's last survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March has died.

Clifford "Smokey" Martinez of Las Cruces died Thursday at Memorial Medical Center. He was 88.